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Most organizations want to cast a wide net, thinking that if they aim to appeal to everyone, they'll stand a greater chance of connecting with someone.

The truth is, the wider net you cast, the less likely you are to authentically connect with anyone. The most successful companies and non-profits target a narrow audience, carefully craft their message in a way that resonates most strongly with that audience, and deliver it through channels their target audience prefers.

We'll help you identify your target audience's needs and interests and hone a clear and compelling message that communicates why your brand is the best solution to those needs.


While a well-designed logo may be an important part of a brand identity; it, alone, is not the brand identity.

An effective brand identity consists of a comprehensive interaction of logo design, color palette, type style, voice, and other components like tag lines, graphic icons, photo styling, and attitude. These components should all work together to reinforce your brand positioning and must resonate with your core audience. Brand continuity across all communication channels creates a critical mass of awareness and understanding that delivers a greater return on investment than the sum of individual disconnected poorly branded efforts.

We work with start-ups and well-established organizations to design, build, and maintain a comprehensive brand identity that works to connect with your desired audience in a way that helps you realize your immediate goals and objectives, enhance your long-term brand equity, and maximize your return on your marketing investment.

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